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NEAT Orlando, Orlando Florida, USA, has demonstrated consistent community service. Their staff and administration have performed window cleaning services in Orlando, FL.  at affordable prices, and even free for elders with disabilities. They truly help their neighbors. At a recent gathering, in Edmonton, at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, in Alberta, We met with Marius, one of the managers of operations at NEAT Orlando.


We discussed efficient window cleaning, staffing and personnel training, and price differences between Edmonton Canada, and Orlando, USA.  We agreed that 2 persons are effective for any window cleaning job with 24 or more interior and exterior window washing. A pole is better and saves time over a lift, for any windows under six stories high.  True, the pricing structure was a bit higher in Canada, as the tax is added to all house and commercial building  jobs, as well as additional services fees. NEAT fees are lower, and they keep their pricing low, by accelerating their window cleaning with super efficient employees. Our training models are about the same, starting new staff on smaller homes, with 16 or fewer windows and sliding doors, with a supervisor on hand. They are trained to clean screens, window molding and up-selling products such as repellent, future window washing services., and house cleaning service, which both companies offer.


NEAT Orlando and Speedy: International Partners

The NEAT and Speedy company, has partnered, to offer international services, both to local residents and relocation. We can share products, accommodate individuals, companies, and families moving to and from the USA and Canada, for no interruption in services, and we can collaborate on marketing and the best way to keep windows clean worldwide.


This is especially useful for relocations that have home cleaners in place already. House Cleaning Services Orlando, and House Cleaners in Edmonton, Home-owners simply move in, and we can show-up, and continue their cleaning. Including corporate offices relocating to the US from Canada, This is exciting news, for two dynamic, quality organizations to combine across borders and offer no-stop home and office clean.


Trusted Window Professionals


Families and businesses agree. Cleaner vistas saves money, increases resale, and makes your investment last longer.

We recommend having your home or business windows cleaned bi-annul (twice a year), for the following:


  • Allow more light in, saving electric and heating costs and improving indoor vision.
  • Increase curb appeal, and home value, with sparkling windows
  • Add longevity to windows, screens and casing by removing water, smog, and other deposits.


Please contact us for any details about booking or questions regarding us, or NEAT Orlando,. their address is below, and window cleaning Orlando, a professional company, is open 24 hours to handle your requests.

USA and Canada Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

Enjoy your view through crystal clear windows.

NEAT Orlando and Speedy Window Cleaning together

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USA and Canada Window Cleaning
NEAT Orlando and Speedy Window Cleaning together
USA and Canada Window Cleaning
NEAT Orlando and Speedy Window Cleaning together